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Jana L. Beutler, M.Ed.,  a former teacher and Masters level therapist, started Life in Motion Coaching in 2003 when she discovered that coaching was how she wanted to  use her unique blend of skills and expertise in working with women struggling with body image, perfectionism, shame, grief, and transition after changes in career, relationships or personal growth.  She loves working with people who are motivated to make massive transformational change.

As a successful business entrepreneur, she found great fulfillment as a personal fitness trainer and business owner, in working with clients who were seeking to transform their lives through a commitment to a healthy lifestyle. As owner and Founder of SWAT Fitness & Personal Training, Jana's goal above all things was—and still is— to make a difference in the lives of others who desire change, and just need a little help getting there. 

In addition to working with women on weight loss, nutrition and healthy body image, Jana also knew that in order to truly be one’s best (healthy and happy in both body and mind), and to live a fulfilled and happy life—there must be balance—and that regardless of how much time or money people spent on their bodies—the TRUE changes happened when they spent time and resources on developing their minds and spirits, setting priorities, examining their values, and working on issues which were holding them back from being their very best.

For Jana — the very best part of being in the fitness industry is in the education, guidance, and ongoing support of her clients as much as the actual fitness instruction.  After Graduate School, where she obtained a Masters in Educational Psychology, she discovered that coaching combined what she loved about physical fitness and personal training, with what she loved about teaching and counseling. With coaching, she is able to provide instruction, guidance, support, and expertise in a variety wellness, lifestyle, and life coaching to the general public.

Coach Jana is the Founder of Life in Motion Coaching and is a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, Crossfit coach, nutritonist, therapist, and life coach from Tucson, Arizona, now living in Sacramento, California. Jana has a Masters Degree in Educational Psychology with an emphasis in Counseling, and is a published author on various topics including Changing Your Attitude, Stages of Change, and Identifying Thoughts that Keep us Stuck.  Jana specializes in Wellness for Women, and Women's Health and Lifestyle.

Jana is the author and developer of various projects, books and articles, including having developed the Curvy Woman Workout program, and Fat Blast Meal Plans for Women

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GET YOUR COPY of Coach Jana's book, (co-authored with Dr. John Gray and a bunch of other really cool folks) at the studio now, or read an exerpt now!

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