Who can benefit from Transition Coaching?

Anyone! Most of us are in transition right now, (and always are, if we’re fully living life). If you’re having to make big decisions, considering making a big life change, or are going through some kind of transition in your life, then Coaching for Change may be something that can help you. As you make change, you may experience some of the fear or self-doubt that is often accompanied by it. 

Transition Coaching for Change is the process by which you, with the help of your Coach, will work  to examine your current situation, explore your current and future options, and get clear about what you want, and how you can get it.

Good times to consider Transition Coaching are:

If you’re a stay at home mom going back to work

Many stay at home moms struggle with the decision of going back to work, and how to balance the demands of work with the demands and needs of their families, their children, and their role in the family.

If you’ve been out of the work force for a while, and are ready to go back, then you and your Coach can work together to make the difficult decision easier, and the actual transition back to work smoother.

Because a change affects everyone in the family, you may need tools to help prepare your children, your spouse, and others in your life for the changes that they will experience while you are making an important transition.

Loved ones may question your decision. They may attempt to make you feel selfish, guilty, or neglectful. They may not understand why you’ve made the decision that you have. You may need some help in expressing your needs, your fears, and asking for help as they make the changes along with you.

You may need to take a good look at your priorities, your skills, or your family roles and expectations. Your life transition coach can provide suggestions, tools, and encouragement to help you along the way, as you experience the inevitable ups and downs and common resistance that accompany change. 

If you’re ready for a bold move, and aren’t sure where to start, then let our life and transition coaches help you get clear, get motivated, and get moving! Click here to get more information.

Before you make a Career Change or Retire 

If you’ve recently made a career change, or are considering doing so, a transition coach may be able to assist you in assessing your choices, clarifying your career goals, and making the change, adjusting to a new environment, navigating the new terrain, and establishing yourself as a member of the team.

Before you Relocate

Moving can be a tough choice. Relocating to a different or unfamiliar geographic location a big decision. Especially if you have family members, friends, and other support systems who are affected by your decision.

Your transition and life coach can help you get established, adjust to your new environment, and experience many of the common feelings that accompany a big change like moving: fear, doubt, loneliness, and frustration. If you need help making any kind of move, let our coaches help you GET STARTED and GET YOUR LIFE IN MOTION!

When you’re faced with an Empty Nest

As our children grow and become independent, many women struggle with it. They may experience feelings of worry, or even  abandonment. When a child (or children) leaves the nest,  it is common to feel empty, unneeded, and lost, unless you have a plan to create some new, meaningful experiences. As your children leave home, your role in their lives changes, and that can be tough to accept.

Coaches work with clients like you in re-examining what it is that makes you happy, (outside of your children), what makes you feel satisfied and fulfilled, and encourages you to create new opportunities for self-growth, and find meaningful and enjoyable ways to spend your time.

After Extreme Weight Loss

A lot of big life changes commonly accompany weight loss, and often, people are not prepared for the changes that take place in their lives emotionally and physically, and are not prepared for the changes that sometimes occur in their relationships with others as a result.

Loved ones may have a hard time accepting your new image or look; some people may even be jealous of you and the changes you’ve made; still others may wish that you’d “just go back to the way you were,” (even if that means your going back to being unhappy, distressed, or lacking in self confidence.)

Because as your body changes you are likely to experience increased confidence, energy, and enthusiasm, many people will not only notice that you’ve changed, but some may not like it.

Coaching can help you adjust to your new body, and the changing relationships, reactions, and potential sabotage of others. Your coach can help give you perspective, encouragement, and reassurance when you need it.

Before Undergoing Cosmetic Surgery

A lot goes into making a big decision like undergoing elective surgery.

Is it the right decision for you? Is it the only way? Are your reasons good ones? Only you know. Using a coach in the decision-making process can help you identify and clarify your options, your expectations, and your perceptions, and help you make an informed, solid decision that’s right for you.

Not only do you need to be prepared for the results yourself, but you may need to prepared for the likely reactions of others—especially the ones you love the most.

Some people will not understand your decision, and may even try to talk you out of it, or convince you that you’re doing the wrong thing. Our coaches can help you set boundaries, express your feelings and needs to people you love, so that you can feel confident that the decision you’ve made is the right one for you—and can express that to others.

Working with your coach can help you clarify your reasons for undergoing cosmetic surgery, help you develop ways to express yourself effectively, and help support you through the healing process (when you’re most likely to hear the “I Told You So” from well meaning loved ones.

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